Thank You

I am not a poetess and I don’t pretend to be. Just another girl telling what she feels.

That someone sitting on her couch, trying hard not to slouch.

Thinking how far she’s come, and how life isn’t always about fun.

We say thank you when everything goes good. And thank we definitely should.

Thanks to the ones who loved me and believed. To the ones who stood by me when in need.

For never giving up and keeping me strong. Staying there, so I feel no wrong.

But what about the times when it didn’t go that way? Life and people who gave me hate?

They made me who I am today. And thanks I would like to say.

Thank you for telling me I wasn’t good enough, I kept getting better without a hiccough.

For bullying me and putting me down, I learnt to stand up for myself without a frown.

For all the lies and deceits, cause now I could finally see the truth.

For breaking my heart into a million pieces, each little bit turned into a whole and now, I can love so much more.

For trashing my unconditional love and support; I learnt the terms and conditions, and that wasn’t smooth.

The above two are out of sync, but how does it matter when this is about what I think!

For abandoning me and washing your hands off, I became my own best friend and that’s the best one’s got.

For taking advantage, using and abusing, I knew the world needed a lot more caring.

For taking all that you can without ever giving, still you couldn’t stop me from sharing.

For sending me into therapy again and again, I made sure all that time and money didn’t go in vain.

Thank you for being the worst thing that I brought on to me. Now, only good can come my way, you’ll see. 

For breaking me down, I can only build myself up. 

For making me hate myself, that now I can only love.

Thank you for crushing my faith, now I can only believe. 

For undermining me, now I stand tall and refuse to leave. 

For never being a friend, I found the real ones that are divine. 

For coming into my life, I have learnt lessons for a lifetime. 

Thank you for being you, because that made me, ME.

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