A plate of life, with a side of drama please.

So, I had seen this the first time a few months ago on my Facebook feed, and like anything and everything, it keeps popping up on a regular basis. Everytime my reaction, “Puhllleeeezzz!” It is such a load of BS. I agree with most of it. Yes, call when you missing someone, tell the one that you love them and etc etc. What pisses me off is by ending something so nice with, “Life is too short for drama.” The funniest thing being the people who shared this and commented saying, “Oh ya. I wish.” where the ones who did the most amount of drama by their own definition of it.

First of all. What the f*** is drama? Its definition way different than what we had used it for till date, and its usage too frequent for anyone’s liking. From what it looks like, frankly, it’s everything you can’t deal with; for whatever reasons. Mostly, it’s because you don’t have the emotional intelligence or maturity to do so and oh ya, I forgot to add. You don’t have the balls either.

We ain’t no robots or zombies. (I would take a second and praise the lord for that.) We are social beings. Every aspect of our life dependent and intertwined with other people. Each one has a different goal and definition of happiness. And that is because we run on desires and emotions. Most of the major decisions of our lives based, on and for, the people we love. Which means there would be times, way more than you like, when things aren’t going your way. When people won’t react the way you want. When people wouldn’t want what you want.

You don’t like it and can’t deal with it? Please take a frigging piece of land in the middle of a rain forest and move there. Unfortunately for you, your beautiful solitude won’t last too long, because the rest of the humanity would come to raze the trees down to the ground soon.

Why would one want such a stupid thing? You want everything to be laid down on a platter for you? Exactly how you like? Ok. Let’s do that. Now tell me how the f*** are you going to appreciate that? What’s the pleasure of the ups without the downs? Where would be the joy of a make up without a break up? Why would you work so hard for that smile if you haven’t seen the tears?

All in all, what is the point of living your life like a straight arrow? Just going through the motions of life. Life isn’t too short for anything. Not a single damn thing. Each and every moment is defining where you are going. Shaping the person, you are to become. I am happy with all I have and have come across. The angels and well, the not so angelic ones. All of them. No, none of it was drama. Even the people who made my life hell, did what they did based on how the situation was making them feel.

Life is a roller-coaster. Sorry, my brother. yes it is. And there is no escape. So, enjoy it. Scream loud and laugh. If you are going down, you know you are coming up soon. By calling other people’s emotions, overreaction and drama you are crushing their feelings. And why do you do that? Just to hide your own insecurities and emotional immaturity.

If you seem to be doing this on a regular basis, then you are someone who just knows how to take. When asked to give, OMG Daaaaraaamaaaaa!!!!!

Somebody else’s heartbreak. “Meh. What an overreaction!”

You’re having trouble at work? Your life isn’t going too great? Your girlfriend or boyfriend dumped your ass? ” Booohoohooo. I am the center of the universe. Come love me.”  Awww. You poor poor little baby.

Respect people who are letting you see their vulnerable side. Sharing how they feel, how you make them feel. This just means they value your presence in their life and they want this relationship to get as better as it can. People you don’t see or feel any “Drama” from, are just flitting through your life. You are nothing worth getting upset or worked up about. We all need a few people like this in our lives. The ones we can just relax, have a good time with no emotional tangles.

Key word: Few.
Remember: Not all.

Unfortunately in some cases, a lot of drama is happening behind your back. Oops! Did I burst your bubble of a “Drama” free, happy life? Sowwieee!!

If you are someone who is usually on the receiving end of those s***** drama comments. Its time to move on, find some new people or nurture your relationships with the existing ones who have the sensitivity and basic decency to give when they take. You don’t need emotionally exhaustive relationships where you are stuck taking care of others, and when you need some sympathy and understanding, it’s Drama 101.

And, if you are one of those using the “Drama” comments then it’s time you stop leeching on and piggybacking on other people’s emotions and grow a effing pair of b****. If not, go take the flight to Brazil and settle in the Amazon. Or maybe, you will even find the Awa’s struggle for survival….. Drama.

P.S. I wrote this a while ago. For some or the other reason, I missed publishing it. I can’t stop laughing while reading it right now. 😀

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