Bound in these shackles
Shackles of the past
Memories, moments, dreams
And of the love lost.
Fear, uncertainty, pain
Suffocated, gasping for air.
This is all I can feel now
Who said life was fair.
My hands and feet go numb
When I want to run away and hide
I can’t stand up and walk
And I am left with no pride
It’s all empty and dark
As far as I can see
I didn’t know that the day would come
When all I would want to be is free
Free from this fear
Free from this pain
Please open your eyes and see
There’s nothing left to gain
Fear of breaking you
Pain of hurting you
Wish I could make this easier
Wish I knew how to
Wish we could hold hands
And be each other’s solace
Wish we could support each other
And not have all this hate
But the days of wishing are gone
As are the ones with laughter
It’s time to stop tearing each other
And to look forward to what comes after
I know that it seems impossible
I know we don’t know how
But we have to learn
And the time is now
Time to start afresh
Time to relearn to smile and play
Don’t you think it’s time to fly?
And leave behind this life so gray?
Let’s stop fighting what’s inevitable
Let’s stop fumbling in the dark
Let’s start thinking for ourselves
Life doesn’t have to be so stark
Guilt, regret, pain and hate.
Tears, screams and fear.
I know it’s still not too late
If only we could hear.
Hear what life is telling us
Telling us to take what it brings
Let’s shake away these chains
And fly by our own wings.

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