What you are signing on for…..

Why am I doing this? I don’t know. Well, that seems to be my favorite answer these days. I don’t know!!! (I really don’t)

I know I am no writer. All my friends complain that I write essays (U know who u are!! 🙂 )  when a sentence or better still, silence would suffice. That’s because I have a lot to say for almost everything under the sun. When I don’t, there is seriously something wrong.
Lot to say, Yes.
That doesn’t mean I will be good at conveying all that in a written form.
That doesn’t mean anybody cares two hoots to what I have got to say.

So, a little soul searching….

I am probably doing this because I need to let out what I am feeling on a regular basis. ON A VERY VERY REGULAR BASIS. If not, it turns this demanding little nit into a lunatic. So, to keep my loved ones safe from my insanity, I need this.

Or, I am doing this because I have one of the most restless bordering on ADD personality. Nothing holds my attention for more than a few days. Casualties of this….

Various art and hobby teachers struggling to keep me interested in the class. Name it, and I have done it. Music, dance, stitching, embroidery, painting etc etc. All things needed to turn a regular Indian girl to be the perfect woman/homemaker/wife.

My parents  hard earned money wasted on paying for various interests, hoping to make their daughter more talented than she already was (Let’s pretend I was. I am)

And as the years went by, boys. Poor, unassuming, caught unaware, innocent boys. We will not get into any details now.

Friends. Am I allowed to call them that, after I realize that what I thought an instant connection was nothing but my need for novelty. I couldn’t think of a word to say to them if I ever met them again.(Remember? If i don’t have something to say, it’s not a good sign)

And, jobs, bosses. Could never stick around at a place for more than a few months.

And the biggest casualty? My brain!!! Because I have already forgotten what I was trying to say. Let me scroll up and get back to you.

AH! So, as I am restless, I need a project to work on every now and then. Something, which will consume me and keep me busy. The victims of this project… YOU!!!

Ok, so back to our original, burning question. So, why am I doing this? I still don’t know. And, probably never will.

I have a feeling this space would be full of silly thoughts, recipes, parenting tips, self doubting depressing sulk fest, snippets from my personal diary, inane observations and more often than not, rants!!!

I should probably name this Addled Fiery Rants.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. redslipper says:

    Didn't know there was a writer in you ( that doesn't mean I didn't think you could write,it just turns out that you are an entertaining writer- which is a pleasant surprise). I think you are asking some good questions, questions that most people ask themselves.
    Looking forward to the regular rants…


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